Design Templates


Design & Calendar Templates

Design Templates are helpful for you and enable a simple production of the printing data. Matching your individual request, we compile the necessary InDesign template and dimensions and support you with all the relevant information about the production of printing data.

For all your questions about printing data, final artwork, positioning of the logo or PDF X4 export, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. At brandbook, qualified graphic designers and media designers to clarify and resolve any problems, so that you can look forward to quickly receiving your book. 

Design Templates
  • InDesign template for printed cover
  • InDesign template for cover and debossing
  • InDesign template for front and back endleaves
  • InDesign template for image pages
  • InDesign template for memo pattern
Calendar Templates
  • InDesign template for year calendar 2017
  • InDesign template for monthly calendar 2017
  • InDesign template for weekly calendar 2017
  • InDesign template for daily calendar 2017

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