Material Research


Scouting new trends of book design and production is a challenge, which we face daily and which makes us happy. 

Our task is to make the perfect notebook or image book for your company, to research the most appropriate material for it and to give you a recommendation. To choose the most suitable cover material for your individual paper journal production, you either need to check our database of materials, or select one in the book configurator, or speak to one of the brandbook consultants. We’re happy to help. 

After thousands of book productions, we still feel enthusiastic when hot-off-the-press copies come in from production on a daily basis. Then the bookbinding gets stroked, debossings are held against the light, then the pages are turned and bent. Hands stretch the elastic strips to their limits, eyes disappear behind linen testers to check the printing results. Noses sense this wonderful scent mixture of paper, print colour and adhesive, and fingers test the soft haptic of the paper.

We may not know and can’t do everything yet, but we certainly know about one thing very well: books.