brandbook Difference


Here are the reasons - in a nutshell - why you want to work with us, and that make us so unique.

What makes brandbook stand out from the crowd of notebook manufacturers?
  1. A wealth of experience from over ten thousand, individual book productions
  2. Expertise in handcrafted productions of smaller editions to industrial scale productions
  3. A huge selection of cover materials – categorised according to haptic, trend colours and materials
  4. All printing techniques from digital to offset print, to silkscreen and letterpress on offer
  5. Finishing options from embossing, special effect coatings to colour and motif cut, upon request also with personalised names
  6. Fast delivery times due to optimised processes
  7. Production 100% made in Germany
  8. Individual consultations and sample service
  9. Support for development of book types and accessories for your project
  10. Customer spectrum from start-ups to international luxury brands
  11. Comprehensive service including packaging, mailing distribution and shipping logistics worldwide
  12. Consultations for all questions relating to the preparation of print data 
  13. All data is thoroughly checked and finalised
  14. Layout and design of cover and image pages, according to your concept and ideas
  15. Creation of individual calendars customised to fit your corporate design