brandbook DNA


Passion and Drive

Producing books is our passion – working with paper, cover materials, the trade of printing, binding and finishing. It’s the many small details that make a good book. Some can be seen at first glance and others are often noticed much later: when the book can be optimally opened, without straining in the spine, when it has a pleasant smell, feels good and when it becomes even more charming with age. All of that requires solid workmanship, many years of experience and confidence in dealing with thousands of different materials.

Today, we constantly try and reinvent the book as an object and storage place for ideas. We continuously test the boundaries of this rich tradition: with experimental materials from the design and fashion world, with exceptional finishing and innovative printing techniques, as well as different book binding processes. The results are books of high-quality that also astonish. 


We look forward to your orders and to beautiful, as well as exciting book projects – made in Germany.

Expertise and References

For over 18 years, we have been producing notebooks, book calendars, image books and illustrated books – for companies, agencies and publishers. Our list of customers includes well over a thousand companies from small to large, from adidas to zalando. In the meantime, thanks to our expertise, we are also working for many customers outside of Europe.

Collaboration and Service

You can talk to us about print, finishing and book binding details. Even if you only have a vague concept – we will help you make a tangible product out of your ideas. That is why not only print, bookbinding and book experts work for us, but also book designers. And as books always have to be handled, touched and tried out, we will be happy to send you paper, samples of cover material and book samples. 

Print is not dead – it just smells funny

Production: Handcrafted to Industrial

After developing a collective concept, it doesn’t take long until you can hold your books in your own hands. The production times are approx. three to four weeks, as we manufacture our books exclusively in Germany. We have perfectly coordinated all the different manufacturing processes, so that even complex book projects can be delivered “just in time”. Small editions between 50 and 500 copies are produced in a semi-automated process, for larger editions up to 100,000 copies, the production runs on a fully-automated assembly line.


Even though half the world would agree with the mantra “print is dead”, we are experiencing the opposite. Our customers place the highest importance on top workmanship and the use of selected materials. Individual book productions that go beyond the norm are more popular today than ever. This is what we have also been witnessing with the nuuna label – our notebook collection that is sold worldwide in museum shops, concept stores, by booksellers and in stationery stores. Despite progressive digitalisation, the demand for high-quality, innovative books and stationery products are constantly on the increase.