brandbook Statistic


There’s a lot to say about the whole purpose of paper journals in general, and our brandbook examples in particular. Here comes the condensed version.

Companies use notebooks
  • as part of their corporate design
  • as customer giveaways with an image section
  • as a merchandising product
  • as a marketing tool for the introduction of new products
  • as high-quality customer giveaways
  • as documents for conferences, lectures and training courses
  • as a giveaway at trade fairs 
  • as a subscription bonus or incentive
  • as a tool for innovative initiatives
  • as a marketing tool for the introduction of new products
Why do you need notebooks in your company?
  • because a notebook has proved that it acts as a perfect supplement to our electronic notebooks, tablets and smart phones in our daily business life.
  • because a notebook makes sure that participants in meetings can no longer hide behind their laptops.
  • because handwritten notes are always better remembered than typed notes.
  • because a notebook only knows the chronological order that best corresponds to our lineal thinking.
  • because it is ideal for making abstract company topics comprehensible to the employees. 
  • because a notebook is a brilliant advertising medium for your company.

brandbook – N°1 in custom designed notebooks

This is why you need paper journals by brandbook in particular:
  • because it is a perfect brand ambassador that is individually 100% customised to match your corporate design.
  • because it is of high-quality and meticulously produced in Germany and thereby meeting the quality requirements of your company.
  • because it is a gift that will accompany your employees, customers or business partners in their private lives as well. 
  • because it shows the recipient your true appreciation.
  • because it is produced with genuine passion and handcrafted dedication. 
  • because you will live up to your company's high-quality standard.