Friends & Collaborations


People who share our passion for books

Although the brandbook concept is unique, we can not at all be called lone wolfs. On the contrary, we love collaborative work on a shared vision. The brandbook circle of friends includes excellent designers, illustrators, product developers, technicians, and institutions.


The London-based lifestyle magazine belongs to our stationery partners of many years.

ADC – Art Directors Club

The ADC competition unites creative people, and we’re happy to be part of it every year.

DDC – Deutscher Designer Club

The Frankfurt DDC competition centres on one thing in particular: good design.


Our friends and experts on products printed by letterpress technique.


We’re pleased to recommend the Swiss company’s award-winning writing implements.

Montana Cans

Montana is well-known for best cans and markers, but also for events at our brandbook base.


Beautiful papers for beautiful books: brandbook and Metapaper are a perfect match.

Hoods Digital Studio

Digital studio passionate about design and technology. Thank’s for your support!

Designbureau KM7

Klaus Mai is one of our most creative neighbours and a real magician of the Bézier curves.

Schauspiel Frankfurt

Available on the “Schauspiel Frankfurt” theatre’s web shop: the Schauspiel nuuna sketchbook.

Von Zubinski

Zuni and Kirsten are illustrators from our neighbourhood. Hello ladies!