Environmentally Compatible Notebook, Calendar and Book Production

Made in Germany

Our highest commitment is: no compromises in regards to quality. Primarily, that means that we produce 100% in Germany – this goes against the general trends, as, in the meantime, 90% of all notebooks in Germany are manufactured in China, under sometimes precarious conditions. According to WWF Research it is common for illegally exploited wood to be processed and often used, in particular tropical wood from Indonesia.

FSC-Papers as Standards

For us, on the other hand, a sustainable company management and production that is in keeping with all the environmental guidelines and social standards is a matter of commitment. In our manufacturing processes, we use the savings potential of the newest technologies and materials. We print mainly on acid and chlorine-free, bleached FSC papers and use plant-oil based colours, adhesives without solvents and water-based coatings. In addition, the concept “made in Germany” allows us extraordinary flexibility and shorter delivery times. We compensate for higher production costs through optimal logistics and production processes. 
Not only is the devil in the details, but also genuine qualitative characteristics are in the details and are reflected, not least at the visual and haptic level. brandbook books have, among other attributes, the most cleanly worked, round book edges on the market and all productions are thread bound. With this type of bookbinding – the highest quality – the folded, untrimmed sheets are bound with one or more threads to a book block, which gives the notebooks, in contrast to the glued varieties, high stability and longevity. 

The Paper Journal as a Sustainable Product​

And ultimately, the broad selection on offer is also a significant hallmark of quality. The book, as a cultural heritage, offers designers, in combination with the large brandbook variety of materials print colours, finishing and subsequent processing, almost endless possibilities to express their creativity.  Always on the lookout for extraordinary cover materials, the latest printing techniques and never without a sideways glance at the current trends from the design and lifestyle scenes, we offer a unique, innovative and absolutely up-to-date portfolio. Anything but standard, disposable products that are out-dated after a short time, books produced by brandbook range from high-quality working tools to exceptional artistic publications that one gladly saves, archives and picks up time and again. 

Our Dedication to the Environment

The Bergwaldprojekt e.V 

In the production of our notebooks, we are committed to a responsible and considerate handling of global resources. Especially in the selection of paper, a conscious and efficient use of raw materials is paramount. In addition, we want to do our part for the preservation of this valuable, renewable raw material.

​That is why we donate two trees to the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. for every order that you place with us! These trees are used in reforesting and for the near-natural reconstruction of forests in different regions of Germany.