Small ideas - big impacts!

10. March 2011

A sketchbook of Matter Strategic Design

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brandbook Small ideas - big impacts!
Take a sketchbook, slip in a joyful yellow-white look, cut the cover or inner book into a semicircle circle and bind a film presentation in the middle of it. That was the idea of Matter Strategic Design from Toronto and they designed this functional “good mood”- notebook in 2011 as a gift for their employees and customers.  

“For their 2011 holiday corporate gift the folks at Toronto-based Matter Strategic Design decided upon what they call “a stylish revolt against Christmas cellophane” and created a really wonderful and simple sketchbook. While most of the sketchbook is blank and with a half-circle die-cut on the outside spine, sandwiched in between is one signature of yellow paper with eleven quotes, this creates a lovely contrast of white and yellow in the product. Notice the daring yellow strip printed along the spine that aligns with the yellow paper. So easy for that to go wrong.”

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