Notebooks For Filmmakers And Cineasts

05. July 2012

Whether you’re a unit manager, a producer, a director or an outfitter: On set you always have to write down the most important information. Now we put out some notebooks that the whole crew can use.

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brandbook Notebooks For Filmmakers And Cineasts
To avoid any confusion, everyone can label his or her notebook with a white marker individually. And the book works as a perfect clapperboard as well. Of course we can produce notebooks like these with a logo for film or TV production companies.

These are the facts:

▸ DIN A4
▸ 224 pages of blanko paper
▸ A silk-screen printing on the cover
▸ You can individually label the front and the back
▸ Robust processing and a thread-binding
▸ Perfect lay-flat characteristics thanks to the decoupled book spine