Takeo Paper

27. April 2014

The Armani among papers

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brandbook Takeo Paper
Maybe you remember the scene with the business cards from “American Psycho”, the film version of Bret Easton Ellis´s novel, which is set within the milieu of New York´s Wallstreet, yuppies in the late 80s. The business cars get elevated to an ultimate status symbol – the paper, the font – which cannot be exclusive enough.

Thereby the business cards can easily be better than that with fine and high-graded paper of the paper manufacturer Takeo Paper. This papers present sensual haptics, which we have not found at any other paper. We especially fell for this product line: a velvet, fur-like surface, which evoke the memory of fine suit material. We managed to get some sheets of fine Takeo Paper from Tokyo in order to produce our notebooks.

Takeo´s papers are very hard to get outside of Japan, but that is why we are very pleased to present these inside our brandbook showroom.