Feel It – Notebooks Are Tactile Objects

23. May 2016

The special thing about notebooks is that they are both memory device and object. One has to remember though: form follows function - and the function of a notebook always comes down to the tactile experience of its materiality.

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brandbook Feel It – Notebooks Are Tactile Objects
Touching the binding, the quality of the paper and its smell - all of this is part of the
notebook itself. A good notebook thus not only provides space to write down your thoughts, it also has to provide a certain "feel".

That's why we're always searching for special materials - be it classical materials like paper, linnen or leather or extraordinary materials used in the fashion industry, we always are looking for the best there is. Along the same lines we're always testing and optimizing traditional as well as innovative finishing technologies and looking for remote printing methods.
There is, for instance, the remarkable shine effect of artificial leather combined with a classical blind embossing, a book wrapped in a soft cloth otherwise used on a couch or the extraordinary cover-pattern on a smooth cover made of recycled leather. The inside, naturally, contains only the best premium paper with a practical dot grid.

Our goal is the absolute unity of content, material and design - treating you with the perfect notebook experience.