The Chronology Of A Notebook

17. February 2016

It's really something that, of all people, coders, web developers and high tech creators and the biggest fans of classical notebooks.

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brandbook The Chronology Of A Notebook
We tend to think that especially those who work in tech have banned every analog device from their environment. So what can the notebook do that an electronic device can't do? The most important feature is the chronological structure.

Notebook pros write down everything in order, without post-it notes and other unneccessary additions. Since the chronological order corresponds to the natural function of our brains, using a notebook is, in fact, the easiest way of archiving the chaotic piles of small notes in your drawer and getting rid of the complex filing system on your computer.

We think along time-lines and we look for information that way, too. Accordingly, longtime notebook users unerringly reach for the right notebook on their shelf to look up the notes for that one meeting on July 5th, 2008.

It seems incredible, but it works!