Followers of the Flow – produced by brandbook

21. October 2020

According to Jonas Wyssen, creativity can be trained like a muscle – a matter of practice. Trial and Error. Doing despite the danger of failure. All you need: the right flow.

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brandbook Followers of the Flow – produced by brandbook
Jonas Wyssen has written a manual about so-called Freestyle Thinking as a creative method – and we have produced it. Our colleague Remo Weiss has known the author since their joint training as graphic designer. So the joy was all the greater when Jonas Wyssen came up with “Followers of the Flow”. It was immediately clear – these extraordinary ideas have to be brought into an extraordinary book form. From the outside: a matt black sketchbook with a deep blue color cut and a foil embossing with hologram effect on the cover. And from the inside?

In six chapters, accompanied by specially created illustrations and photographs by Silvano Zeiter, the brand designer, UX specialist and director of creative processes Wyssen explores the connection between freestyle practices and the enhancement of creativity. He uses the flow experience of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing as his basis. The idea of freestyle goes far beyond sports and hip-hop culture. It means taking on new situations in a playful way with the help of improvisation and solving problems creatively. Freestyle works without a fixed set of rules, but arises from improvisation. Wyssen is concerned with a certain way of thinking that can be understood as a moment of breaking out of routine, as a moment of freedom, as a trance-like state of being present in the here and now. Wyssen calls this mindset “Flow”. Being in flow is by no means synonymous with aimlessness. On the contrary, it extends in the simultaneity of concentration and letting go and requires practice and attentiveness. A plea for more creativity, but also for more courage and fun while doing it – and a really beautiful book!

Available in German bookstores and in our nuuna onlineshop.

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