Winter & Company x tide ocean – sustainably committed

29. October 2021

Everywhere, the world's oceans are threatened by plastic waste. To draw attention to this problem, Winter & Company has developed a new ocean plastic covering material together with #tide ocean material®.

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brandbook Winter & Company x tide ocean – sustainably committed

Winter & Company launches the first book cover material woven from recycled ocean plastic: TOILE OCEAN. The innovation is produced in collaboration with tide ocean SA (#tide), also based in Basel, and contributes to clean oceans.

Upcycling for sustainable notebooks

Every year, over 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean. «As a global company, we were looking for a partner to address this issue and help us contribute to the environment with a product innovation» says Christoph Borer, CEO of Winter & Company. The company #tide has specialised in the recycling of ocean bound plastic. The company collects and sorts plastic waste in Southeast Asia, where it is a high pollution. The plastic waste is collected there by local employees, including many fishermen, with fair conditions and transported to Switzerland in a CO2-neutral way. The collected plastic waste is compressed into granules using a mechanical award-winning process and finally spun into yarn, which is the main component of TOILE OCEAN.

Ocean plastic becomes book cloth

After 1.5 years of development, Winter & Company has created an innovative and sustainable cover material with TOILE OCEAN. The naturally mottled fabric feels very high-quality to touch. The product, mainly made of ocean plastic, is woven from 100% recycled plastic waste and coated with water-based acrylic.

TOILE OCEAN can be offset printed and finished with screen printing and foil stamping.  TOILE OCEAN is available from stock in six natural colours and is characterised by its high durability. The highlight: for every metre of TOILE OCEAN sold, 1% of the turnover goes to clean water projects.

Are you looking for a covering material with a strong environmental message? 

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