24. Feb 17brandbook

The Trainer is Born – plan to be great!

A Notebook for Soccer Trainers and Strategists by DukTIg Brand


02. Jun 16inspiration, brandbook

Innovation at hot-foil embossing

“Laster Seamless” is the name of a new holographic foil


02. Jun 16inspiration, brandbook

Dragnet investigation - individual inner life of notebooks

Creative notebooks with grids for every branch and professional group


31. May 16inspiration, brandbook, nuuna

No more retro, please!

Should notebooks look retro? Out answer definitely is: NO!


23. May 16inspiration, brandbook, nuuna

Feel It – Notebooks Are Tactile Objects

The special thing about notebooks is that they are both memory device and object. One has to remember though: form follows function - and the function of a notebook always comes down to the tactile experience of its materiality.


17. May 16inspiration, brandbook

Good intention

The front of a book – sounds wrong, but still correct – connects the book block in front and back with the book cover.


01. May 16brandbook

brandbook Bureau Seine

Our branch in Paris ... well ... launched!


15. Apr 16inspiration, brandbook

Open thread stitch

For purists and designer, who follow the principle of reduction, there is nothing more beautiful than an open book spine.


11. Apr 16inspiration, brandbook

Naturally natural

Natural materials meet the current trend at our design-orrientated customers


01. Apr 16brandbook, we love

100% Made in Germany

Why does brandbook exclusivly produce products in Germany?


30. Mar 16brandbook, collaboration

Gropius, Rosenthal And The Pigsty. The Notebook As Storyteller

Extraordinary stories are the perfect means to attract interest - especially when they tell of true legends. The perfect place for the best stories are, of course, books.


26. Mar 16brandbook, we love, press

Bookster. The Portrait Series.

Once a week the new online magazine bookster-frankfurt.de presents a new "Bookster".