13. Jun 16inspiration, we love

Paper art of Gunjan Aylawadi

Paper is one of our most favourite materials. Not only it represents the perfect carrier for thoughts and ideas. Due to its versatility, paper is also an exciting design tool, which gets rediscovered by artists at all times.


05. Jun 16inspiration, we love

Takeo In Tokio - A Puristic Paper Paradise

Absolute reduction, clear lines and strict order meet a maximal diversity of material and colour at the showroom of one of Japan's finest paper producers.


01. Jun 16inspiration, we love

How To Make A Book

In this wonderful movie Glen Milner shows the individual production steps of making a book.


01. Jun 16nuuna, we love

Red Dot Design Award for nuuna!

We are happy to announce, that our notebooks were awarded the renowned Red Dot Design Award!


12. May 16nuuna, we love

London Stationery Award for nuuna Pearl Notebooks

We are thrilled about the 1st place at this year's London Stationery Award.


06. May 16inspiration, we love

Declaration of love to an atlas

A movie for bibliophiles: The World Geo-Graphic Atlas


01. May 16inspiration, we love

Travel guides drawn by hand

Illustrations by Joanna Walsh - alias Badaude


29. Apr 16inspiration, we love

Between the folds

An exeptional movie about paper


22. Apr 16inspiration, we love

Elaborate Book Covers

Some books trigger a desire to own them by their mere cover. At least that's our reaction to Francois Brindeau’s 1975 design of “La Chanson du vieux marin”.


12. Apr 16inspiration, we love

Books And Fashion

Sonya Rykiel's flagship store on the Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris looks like a bookstore.


04. Apr 16inspiration, we love

We Need To Make Books Cool Again

My dear, we need to make books cool again.


01. Apr 16brandbook, we love

100% Made in Germany

Why does brandbook exclusivly produce products in Germany?