Book World

To us, the medium book is one of the most diverse per se: No matter if meant to carry art, design, or fashion concepts, to support self-organization and to inspire, as a companion to an exhibition, a guidebook or for image and project presentations, we take books as offering space to be filled with different contents, projects, and ideas - each book bares its own universe.

Image Books

Image books are a high-quality alternative to image brochures. Most definitely, they will not end up in file “P”, but will be placed in the book shelf. For those who prefer to be permanently present on their client’s or business partner’s desk, can chose a notebook with an image part.


Annual, monthly or weekly calendars don’t necessarily have to look like a standard advertising calendar. If you are looking for inspiration for an individual calendar project, you can find it here.

Idea Books

Voltaire formulated the sentence: “The most useful books are those which inspire the readers to compliment them.” Filled with inspirations, incentives and free space for yourself, your employees, colleagues or clients. Would you like to find out more?

Art & Design Book

“Books are the best medium for the artists of our times,” says Sol LeWitt, a US-American minimalist artist. Actually, a well-made art or picture book is like a gallery in an easy-to-handle book format. From this perspective, it also has to fulfil the same quality demands as a museum or a gallery. Concept, design and selection of materials are important.

Company Profiles

There are stories behind brands. Especially great days and anniversaries are a suitable occasion for telling them. The perfect place to effectively orchestrate company chronicles or other “heroic deeds” for clients and employees: high-quality designed anniversary and story-telling books. 


Corporate design manuals document the visual cornerstones of a company’s identity. Design guidelines, if they are applied, can ensure a uniform as possible appearance. An easy-to-handle book format is the perfect complement for the digital design guide and as the essence of your brand a help for internal communication.


Lookbooks are books with a series of photos which try to catch the atmosphere of a season. Meanwhile, the format is being used as a marketing tool far beyond the borders of fashion industry.

Portfolios & Exposés

Wether it is the self-presentation of a design agency, an architecture firm or the documentation of a construction project: the material actually just needs to be put in shape. We show you books and brochures of the presentation of your projects.

Non-Fiction & Guides

Whether it is a thrilling source of information or a practical guide – behind the book covers of non-fiction books and guidebooks you may find interesting facts about very different topics or valuable tips about pressing questions in life. Books for those eager to learn and self-optimizers.