Corporate design manuals document the visual cornerstones of a company’s identity. Design guidelines, if they are applied, can ensure a uniform as possible appearance. An easy-to-handle book format is the perfect complement for the digital design guide and as the essence of your brand a help for internal communication.


Brand Manual in the Publishing Industry

Hardcover with motif print including soft touch lamination, white elastic band, three bookmarks in company colours, 16 image pages with a corporate guide in two language versions, book block made of 90 g/m² high white offset paper, A5 paper size

Showing what you stand for compressed on a few pages: at the beginning of this notebook the publishing company hogrefe presents its new brand identity with texts and photographs. The company’s philosophy as well as its visual image is displayed in a fresh scientific look – depicted of course in hogrefe azur, lime and ruby.


MetaDesign AG, Zurich Switzerland


hogrefe Verlag für Psychologie, Göttingen (Publishing Company)
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