Material World

Books are all about the unity – of content, design, material, and form. What book type are you? What covering material and which paper is just right for your project? And last, but not least: How do you want to stage your logo or motif on the book? We ask questions – but we also have some answers and ideas for you.

It is our demand to find the perfect material for your book production. We have catalogued thousands of cover materials and papers just for this purpose. But in the midst of this great diversity, there are some brandbook favourites – which you can find in our Material Gallery. Since we are always investigating in order to find the latest trends and techniques, you can always discover something new here.
The most diversified range of finishings for your customized paper journal: from classic debossings and printing techniques all the way to surprising effects achieved through special films, varnishes or laser cuts.
The world of book types is more diverse than just the difference between hardcover and paperback. Especially with notebooks there is an extremely great variety. We went to the trouble of cataloguing and illustrating book, calendar, and notebook types that we have produced in recent years in order to give you the largest possible selection with explanations.
A notebook usually combines more design features than an ordinary book. From elastic band fastenings, practical pockets for storing notes, various pen holders, as well as our new smart-phone-pen deposit: treat yourself to some extras!
Cream-coloured premium paper or natural recycling paper? Lined, dotted, or just blank? Here you can  find answers to your most frequent questions concerning  paper options or optimal printing outcomes for your image pages. Or just contact us and ask us in person!