Swiss Brochure

A Swiss brochure is a thread-stitched block affixed only to the right inside cover page and additionally back-lined, i.e. covered with textile tape on the spine. The Swiss brochure is frequently used for annual reports, portfolios or company presentations.

Swiss Brochure

Flexibler cover, that is notched and pulled over a thread bound book block.



For the cover, we recommend fine paper and cardboard up to approx. 350 g/m². The cover and the inside pages are cut flush on all three sides.



All book formats are technically possible, also special-, diagonal- and over-sized formats. Tip: With an A5 format, you can’t go wrong.


Book block

The thread bound book block is sealed onto the spine with textile tape. The colour can be freely selected.

Book corners

pointed book corners

rounded book corners

Book spine

straight book spine with linen tape