Book edges

Not only the cover but even the edges of the book block can become customised according to your individual book concept – for an all-over 360 degree design. 

Edge Colouring

Here, the book cover isn’t printed, but instead the book blocks edges. Assume that your corporate identity colour is cyan-blue, but you don’t want a bright blue book under any circumstances. In this case, we offer to apply your company colours on the book block. The inside pages remain white, only the outer edges of the book block will be dyed. In this way, you can give your book cover a beautiful subtle design and at the same time you have a real colour highlight on the book. A multi-coloured motif edge would be even more striking or – wow – a holographic book edge that you will find in our section for effects.

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Metallic Book Edges

This type of decoration for book edges has been used for centuries to protect the book block from dust and staining. Bibles, hymnbooks, encyclopedias or first editions have been finished with gold edges partially in combination with a hallmarking or a type of embossing. Today, there is a wide range of different metal foils from copper to metallic blue, violet and red tones that can be applied to book blocks. As each of the three pages of a book block requires an extra work process and produces therefore extra costs, the foil can also just be applied to the top edge on the front side that is particularly stressed or used a lot. Currently, this type of book cut is once again very popular, especially among designers. The effect of this metallic book cut in combination with a modern design seems anything but out-dated. Metallic foils are available in 42 colours – in addition, the metallic of gold, silver, bronze and copper tones are available in different matte, shiny and colour variations.

Multi-Coloured Book Edges

For those who want to include the book block edges into the design of the book – for example “wrapping” a motif completely around the book, we can offer them a very special four-coloured inkjet printing process. In three work steps, a specially developed machine prints each page of the book edges. In this way, objects are developed such as our nuuna graphic books.