Colour Debossing

A colour debossing functions in a similar way to a blind debossing. The only difference: between the debossing stamp and the book there is a thin coloured foil that is transferred to the cover. brandbook works together with the leading manufacturers of debossing foils, that offer over 45 rich colours.

Colour Debossing on Smooth Materials

For motifs with thin lines or larger embossing surfaces that are to be colour embossed, it pays to choose a smooth, matte cover material. The smooth background offers the best foundation for a satisfying embossing result.

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Colour Debossing on Linen

This is an absolute bookbinding classic and yet not always a piece of cake. Depending upon the nature of the fabric – fine or coarse – coloured details can be more or less well depicted. But, monochromatic coloured motifs should not be too filigree.

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Colour Debossing on Bonded Leather

The effect of a debossing on recycled leather, even without colour, is already pretty good, but sometimes that’s not good enough. With the use of a colour embossing, your claim, your logo, your word mark, a single name or a beautiful quote can also be realised. A pleasant haptic effect through the deeper debossing is, of course, guaranteed.

Colour Debossing on Metallic

A really beautiful finishing effect can be achieved with a colour debossing on metallic materials. Linen with metallic particles combined with a black colour debossing can turn a normal notebook into a beautiful guestbook or an anniversary volume.

Colour Debossing on Velvet

Does velvet remind you of baroque, operettas or plushy establishments? That’s great. That is exactly why we like to use this material in completely different contexts. Ultimately, it is a sign of good, creative work to break through existing expectations and to amaze the recipients with new and unusual contexts. Technically speaking, a colour embossing on velvet is a very clear and sharp-edged solution.

Colour Debossing on Premium Paper

For us, the perfect book cover always has to be an optical and a tactile experience at the same time. A very promising possibility: colour debossing on subtly structured paper. The tangible indentation of a logo or lettering along with the delicate microstructures of the colour material provides for a very particular surface feel – and thanks to saturated colouring and clear shapes it looks really good, as well.

Colour Debossing on Graphic Cardboard

We will give it to you straight: this is a brandbook in-house favorite! Exceptionally simple, wonderful quality and a little bit understated. The combinations of a colour debossing – matte or glossy are both possible – on a natural book binders cardboard, yes a very simple graphic cardboard - it’s brilliant.

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Colour Debossing on Material

It is not unusual that we use material ordered by customers for subsequent testing of bookbinding processes and even colour embossing. With a little lead time and patience, we have so far managed to successfully finish every material; everything from coarse canvas material or favorite trousers to safety vests.

Multiple Colour Debossing

Usually, colour debossing is chosen for the presentation of monochromatic logos. But multi-coloured logos are not excluded: as long as the individuals colour elements do not overlap or directly encounter each other, the realisation is easily possible. A combination of a blind and a colour embossing is especially beautiful.

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