Metallic Debossing

Metallic debossing is also called hot foil embossing, as with this variation the heated debossing stamp is pressed on a metallic foil that becomes loose through the heat and is transferred onto the book cover. The motif lies, as with all debossings, deeper and forms a beautiful relief and by the way also has a perfect metallic shine.

Metallic Debossing on Linen

Natural fibers can also be combined with a metallic foil debossing. They also work well when combined with a metallic foil debossing. Especially interesting is that the linen structure remains visible under the wafer-thin metallic foil.

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Metallic Debossing on Smooth Materials

It takes only a bit of finesse to produce a really impressive book cover. Smooth cover material finished with a matte or shiny metallic foil is definitely impressive. It is great for typographic motifs and clear forms of logos. The exciting combination of white and silver matte guarantees a fantastic result.

Metallic Debossing on Leather Optic

Imitation leather with fine leather debossing is a classical cover and very popular with our customers, and rightly so. If one also chooses a hot foil debossing, a standard notebook will become a high-quality brand ambassador.

Metallic Debossing on Bonded Leather

When optic and texture work well together, a notebook becomes a favorite and a daily companion. If we choose a cover out of environmentally friendly, recycled genuine leather fibres with a motif of metallic debossing, then we have reached our goal. And this is not only for customers in the areas of culture, design and architecture.

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Metallic Debossing on Thermo Volume Imitation Leather

With this soft and voluminous binding, we guarantee a particularly deep and edge sharp refinement. The Italian cover material which is being offered in different surface structures is extremely well suited for the extraordinary glamour of a shimmering metallic debossing. Especially extravagant: large-scale golden debossing on delicate reptile structure.

Metallic Debossing on Soft-Touch Materials

It is difficult to describe soft-touch materials; they have to be felt – period. We can give our fullest recommendation to blind or colour debossing as well as for metallic debossing.

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Metallic Debossing on Premium Papers

This is really something! Whether for hardcovers, flexible covers or books, the uncoated surfaces of premium papers are optimally suited for gold, silver or colour metallic debossing. There is no reason that they cannot also be combined, for example, with a silkscreen.

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Metallic Debossing on Genuine Leather

Sometimes it has to be a little more – usually then when the timing and budget allow the book project more scope. Genuine leather books are high-class books and not something you see every day, as the cover material is expensive. But an impressive debossing result is guaranteed.

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