Motif Print

For four-colour cover motifs, it is best to use offset or digital print. Does that sound boring to you? It does to us as well. That is why we will introduce you to a few interesting variations.

Motif Print matte or shiny cellophane

Usually a four-colour cover motif is printed on so-called illustration printing paper and protected with cellophane before being further processed into a book cover. Cellophane not only serves to protect from scratches and coffee or tea stains, but it also improves the colour reproduction of your motifs. Decide for yourself if your book should be ----- laminated matte or shiny – cost-neutral and always included by brandbook.

Motif Print on Smooth Materials

UV-digital print is put to use here. With this digital printing process it is now possible to print four-colours directly onto smooth cover materials. Cellophane is not necessary. Smaller editions are possible, but cost more than the classical offset process.

Motif Print on Leather Optic

Fine leather structures printed with four-coloured motifs is not technically impossible. In this case, uv-digital printing is used for flawless printing results. Smaller editions starting at 100 copies are also possible.

Motif Print on Linen

In short: it feels good and looks great. This printing technique is popular with our fashion and lifestyle customers, but this shouldn’t remain isolated to those groups. Colourful motifs, patterns, batik and photos can also be printed on linen with offset printing. Great colours printed on the most beautiful linen – that sounds like the future of individual notebooks!

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Motif Print on Premium Papers

Here we forgo the commonplace cellophaning that protects the offset printing and instead choose premium papers with fantastic surface structures. Not only does this have a beautiful effect on the printed image, it also feels wonderful. A full-surface print should be protected against abrasion with a dispersion coating.

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Motif Print on Jeans Label Material

Even on Jeans Label Material, one of our most innovative materials, we are able to print four-coloured motifs. We tested this and found it to work very well! It gets an A+, because not only the natural haptic survives, but also the colour reproduction is very natural.