Silkscreen is brilliant: It allows for the richest and brightest colour results on almost every cover material. The entire Pantone spot colour palette, neon or metallic tones – are all possible! This is the reason why brandbook produces its in-house collection, nuuna, with silkscreen.

Silkscreen on Smooth Materials

Sharp edges, beautiful colour application and the best reproduction of your desired motif in up to three special colours – those are the advantages of silkscreen printing. Smooth materials are the best substrate.

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Silkscreen on Linen

Yes, that works! As long as the motif is not too delicate, we can achieve excellent printing results with silkscreen on linen. The silkscreen colours merge optimally with the fibres and the edges and corners remain abrasion-resistant.

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Silkscreen on Jeans Label Material

The nuuna recipe for success: natural Jeans Label Material in stone and black colours combined with a full-surface silkscreen print – professionally finished by experts. This guarantees quality and top-notch notebooks. We are happy that more and more of our customers are choosing this competent style and environmentally friendly process.

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Silkscreen on Metallic

The combination of a white motif on a mirrored-silver cover is unbeatable. However, all the other colours from the broad range of the pantone palette can, of course, also be used. Surprise us with exciting motifs and we will find the best technical realisation, guaranteed.

Silkscreen on Soft-Touch Materials

What could be a better fit than a perfect matte soft-touch material and a rich silkscreen? Nothing. The high-quality material offers a wonderful substrate for the application of the motif through the screen. We can highly recommend this combination for illustrations and logos,

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Silkscreen on Premium Papers

It is, of course, not a surprise, that high-quality premium papers are also suitable, even highly recommended as substrates for silk-screening. Covers of books or brochures can be optimally printed with up to three special colours from the pantone-scale.

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Silkscreen on Graphic Cardboard

Robust cardboard that is often used for sketchbook covers, is also greatly suitable for silk-screening – either monochromatic or multi-coloured. It is also possible, to apply the silkscreen colours in a very opaque way so that the silkscreen can actually be felt, similar to a relief finish.