UV varnish

Usually, uv-coatings are partially applied to smooth materials and in this way achieve a perfect matte brilliant effect. In doing so it doesn’t matter if the coating in the silk-screen or offset printing is applied classically as a so-called drip-off coating.

UV Varnish on Smooth Materials

Very classic and timelessly beautiful – a successful understatement: as the transparent coating allows the surface beneath to appear only slightly darker, the logo will not be coloured, but especially highlights the contrast from matte to shiny. Utilise the possibilities of a uv-coating to print your patterns on book covers in a full-surface. The effect and the feel are great.

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UV Varnish on Soft-Touch Materials

Basically, all cover materials with a smooth surface and a minimal absorbing capacity can be finished with uv-coating, but none appear as elegant and smooth as the soft-touch materials. One never wants to put a book down that is finished in this way!