Notebook Grids

Cream-coloured premium paper or natural recycling paper? Lined, dotted, or just blank? Here you can  find answers to your most frequent questions concerning  paper options or optimal printing outcomes for your image pages. Or just contact us and ask us in person!

Basic Grids

Dotted grid

Similar to the structure graph paper offers, the anatomy of a page with dots offers orientation. Our's are super fine, yet visible to the naked eye. The benefit to graph paper is that these dots are so subtle, that they do not dominate over your handwriting when scanning or photocopying.

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Klassisches Punktraster
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Punktraster der nuuna Kollektion
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Punktraster mit Seitenzahlen

Graph paper grid, squares

Also referred to quadrille paper, this regular grid is the most common form of graph paper. Our standard can certainly be customized to accommodate your specifications for size, stroke and color.

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geschlossenes Karoraster
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offenes Karoraster
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randabfallendes Karoraster
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feines Karoraster

Lined grid

A notebook classic revised by us for a less obtrusive look, however visible enough to offer guidance as you write from left to right – or right to left, whichever your language preference.

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klassisches Linienraster
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feines Linienraster
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randabfallendes Linienraster

Project sheet

Great program managers or account directors are masters in the disciplines of planning, organizing and managing resources. Our generic template offers project overview information which can be modified to accommodate your industry.

Special Grids

Graph paper grid, Rectangle Grid

This is a matter of personal preference: instead of squares, rectangles with fine strokes provide the basis of this grid design. An appropriate choice for geometric sketches, maps, etc.

Milimeter graph paper

Designers, architects and engineers love the precision for our grids based on millimeters. Convenient for accuracy when sketching or simply as a well defined grid, our millimeter graph paper grid is a classic.

Isometric dotted grid

Our fine dots for isometric drawing have the advantage that they are visible, however when photocopying and scanning, do not interfere with displaying your sketches.

Isometric lined grid

Offering clear structure, our isometric line grid is the perfect tool for keeping your sketches on angle.

Story board

Whether creating a commercial film, website or user experience, developing story-telling concepts requires tons of sketching. A notebook is a perfect place to start.

Music note sheet

Our pages for music notes are perfect for capturing a tune on paper.