brandbook #097 100% Your Corporate Design

100% Your Corporate Design: Covers Made of your Material

material from client selection, challenges for the book cover, textiles as book covers, logo as cloth pennants, cloth texture, customized cover materials

You’re looking for an original alternative to promote your newest products? The solution: You provide us with your own material and we will make a 100% customized notebook out of it that couldn’t be more attuned to the highlights of your new collection. Two examples: Rolf Benz with his high-end lifestyle products is himself an expert on materials. No wonder then that the premium notebooks bound in original Rolf Benz materials are also a real textural adventure. This also goes for the sketchbooks that we produced for the fashion designer Nina Hollein, one of our creative neighbours in the Frankfurt Sachsenhausen area. With this edition, bound in red checkered clothing material, you get the feather-light sensation of mild summer days or rainy spells right in your pocket.

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brandbook #097 100% Your Corporate Design