brandbook #092 Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon: A Notebook Tribute to Flying

holographic debossing effects, Brillianta Linen, hotfoil-debossing, effect foils, brandbook Material world, individual Image pages, individual Banderole, posters as Extras

“He may block nations and seas, but the sky remains free” as it has already been said by Dädalus and Ikarus. Until today, the unattainability of the horizon, the mysterious glittering of the stars and the vastness of the cosmos has not lost its magic. With this in mind, the Salzburg event location, Hangar-Sieben from Red Bull, made the “fascination with flying” to their concept. The location consists not only of an art room, restaurant, bar and an outdoor lounge, it also has historic airplanes. As a suitable notebook, we finished the grey linen bound cover with a changing glossy hologram. The notebook’s interior, designed with midnight blue accents offers fitting themes: from Greek mythology to the DC-6B propeller machine and Da Vinci’s sketches of the flight behaviour of birds. All these visionaries made it much easier for us to think beyond our own horizons.

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brandbook #092 Beyond the Horizon