brandbook #100 Big Idea

Big Idea: Notebooks that Have an Idea of their Own

curiosity, Inspiration tool, Agency portfolio, company jubilee, gift for clients and employees, silk screen on book linen, grey-mélange book linen, Design & Digital Agency Frankfurt, individual christmas gift, All-Over-Cover-design

“You don’t know what to get for someone’s birthday? Let him take three guesses on what you got them and then you already know three wishes!” The creative agency Ad&Vision not only develops suitable communication strategies for professional projects but offers solutions for everyday dilemmas. These so-called life hacks that are spread throughout the image book next to photos, quotes, and proverbs – which are quirky, entertaining, and even useful – are as convincingly fresh as the high pigmented neon silk screen print on the linen cover. Oh yeah, and our life hack: no need to play the long gift-guessing game – “books” is the universal answer!

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brandbook #100 Big Idea