brandbook #022 Black Pages – White Pages:

Black Pages – White Pages: The ‘Drehbuch’ for the Art Directors Club

black-and-white-notebook, day-and-night-notebook, double book cover, back-to-back book, matte-black and snow-white softtouch cover, our gift for Karl Lagerfeld, elegant design, notebook for conferences and events, jury gift, Red Dot Award

The ‘Drehbuch’ that we produced for the jury and award-winners of the ADC Festival in Frankfurt, combines unusual and innovative design with crafty and lavish workmanship. It consists of a black and white book block, the binding is constructed like a Z – so the paper fits any mood.

And the cherry on top: the reversable pen. This custom-made product writes in white ink on one side, and in black ink on the other side. For all of you who prefer clear contrasts to the exorbitant and vague color chaos. The jury of Red Dot Design Award also thought this was genius. * ‘Drehbuch’ has a double meaning in German and is a play on words; meaning both “script” and “flip, or reversible book”.

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brandbook #022 Black Pages – White Pages: