brandbook #042 Bookster Frankfurt

Bookster Frankfurt: The Future of the Book is Blue

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In defiance of the digital revolution: In Frankfurt there are still passionate book lovers, introduces at least two a month. We haven’t only been introduced ourselves as an integral part of the local book scene, we have also produced a very special edition for the online magazine. Books & Bookster consists of twelve conversations with Frankfurt experts.

And as a book about the future of books should be, the outer design from Sandra Doeller is super innovative. The binding and color edges are blue-in-blue, book cover and book block perfectly flush. In contrast to the virtual world the analogue medium is evenly stressed in its haptic materiality and objectivity. A further trick: The essential info is not on the cover but rather printed on white wrapping paper so that the publication strikes one as a gift. And the crowning conclusion: The Stiftung Buchkunst Prize.

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brandbook #042 Bookster Frankfurt