brandbook #028 Cast Off! Linens n’ Things

Cast Off! Linens n’ Things: 1000 different Canvases for any Style

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Fine or rough, posh or natural – brandbook offers the biggest selection of canvas fabrics you can think of. This covering material can generate both traditional and casual-cool looks. No wonder young brands such as the L.A.- and N.Y.-based design agency Brand New School go for the classic and its uncomparable material texture. The notebook for the Soho-House, a private members’ club and hotel in Berlin-Mitte, is also covered in canvas linen – in a shimmering orange, in fact. The hardcover is refined with a blind embossing of an abstracted shark like that of a Damien Hirst – the London artist that preserved a shark in formaldihyde or set diamonds on a skull. Why the shark? A Damien Hirst original decorates the lobby of the Soho House. Not the one in formaldihyde, though.

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brandbook #028 Cast Off! Linens n’ Things