brandbook #072 Debossing, Lacquer & Effect foils

Creative Tools: Debossing, Lacquer & Effect foils

sketch book, stitch booklet, customized debossing, creative note-taking, premium grey cardboard, soft touch cover material, brandbook editions, sewn notebooks, short delivery time

Ideally, the favourite book of a creative person already has an exciting idea in store. The sketchbook for a participant of the Creative Camp captivates with its original combination of untreated grey cardboard and extravagant refinement technology: The lettering is applied with an eye-catching dot screen effect foil and the cartographic details of the event location by means of a perceptible UV lacquer.

Just as successful: We were able to produce a notebook for the Cologne Design studio flrstdesign with an extensive visualization of the DIN format – it never hurts to have the basics on the cover. Moreover, the delicate hot foil debossing in silver is noble and highly precise at the same time. By the way: The notebook with Singer stitching and supple soft touch surface is from our brandbook editions and it’s no problem for us to refine them for your own purposes. Delivery time including customized debossing: 10 days

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brandbook #072 Debossing, Lacquer & Effect foils