brandbook #070 The Notebook in Marketing Use

Cult Brands-Compatible: The Notebook in Marketing Use

motif printing, offset printing combined with color debossing, diary, A5 hardcover, intent and trailer customized printing, popular client gifts, brand identity

The American Snowboard manufacturer Burton is cult – and stands for a certain attitude towards life: The characteristic mixture of thrills, laid-back style and top quality equipment provides legendary vacation stories that one loves to capture in a notebook. Correspondingly, the end sheets in this edition are designed with hand-written notes in the style of a diary. The love of detail is also found in the cover design: The small Burton logo is not printed as a full-bleed photo motif on the cover, but applied with color debossing.

A further sporty highlight: A notebook that combines Converse, Nike und Hurley on the cover. With three top notch labels such as these, the logo combination alone is enough to impress.

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brandbook #070 The Notebook in Marketing Use