brandbook #088 Doodle-Look

Doodle-Look: Notebooks for Scribbling on the Cover

sketching and doodling, creativity techniques, drawing to unwind, meditative drawing, cover illustrations, hand lettering, UV digital printing, screen-printing, customized cover design

While on the telephone or concentrating at your desk – doodling is perfect for unwinding and developing ideas, which are best kept in a notebook. The charming doodle-look is especially popular with creative types. Thus, the Berlin Design Agency Zucker printed a casual ballpoint drawing across the whole surface of the white cover; while the Agency Neoskop presents its company’s recent history directly on the book cover with the help of a playful illustration. What makes it special: Silk-screen printing makes it possible to reproduce the fine lines and shading of doodles in detail on eco-friendly jeans label material – as if someone scribbled it directly on the book.

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brandbook #088 Doodle-Look