brandbook #149 Everything Starts from a Dot

Everything Starts from a Dot: Sketchbooks to Counter the Horror Vacui*

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At the beginning of every masterpiece, there was the first casual note or small drawing. “Everything starts from a dot,” as Kandinsky once said. And then off to the canvas for all the wondrous fantasies and ideas that suddenly become real on paper: Simply put, “everything you imagine is real.” This famous saying by the way, comes from no less an artist than Pablo Picasso himself. The artist left more than 150 sketchbooks behind and he certainly would have appreciated this premium edition from our own in-house nuuna collection – after all, with its large-scale format and 256 pages of the finest Munken paper, it offers ample space. *In the arts, horror vacui (lat. “fear of empty space”) denotes the desire to fill all empty surfaces with depictions and ornaments.

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brandbook #149 Everything Starts from a Dot