brandbook #115 Extraordinary haptic

Extraordinary haptic: Loden as cover material

wool felt, logo stitching, woven logo label, fiber fabric, grey-flecked, naturalness and haptic, fine materials, Made in Germany

This robust fabric is a perfect cover material: Loden has an aesthetic similar to felt, but has a significantly higher quality. Please note: Cover materials such as Loden feel especially good, but due to their bulky surface, are not suitable for debossing. For those who still want to have their logo presented on the cover, we recommend two techniques: Either have the motif or lettering sewn onto the cover or have it done like Schiesser, Rolf Benz or Hanowa, and choose a textile label that is then fastened to the border of the book cover. Either way, it is perfect for the extra material haptic.

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brandbook #115 Extraordinary haptic