brandbook #122 A Cover that Changes its color

Fade to Blue: A Cover that Changes its color

it’s magic, thermo finish, thermo reactive silkscreen, touch me, black to blue, gray jeans label material and black bonded leather, notebook for management consultancy, effect finishing, nuuna Graphic L, flexible cover, typography

Are you looking to bring a little magic into your dull, daily routine? Good special-effects can make even the most serious business heart beat faster. When exposed to heat, the lettering of this notebook changes its color from black to blue. The customer: QFBI, a large international management consultancy with headquarters in Qatar. The trick: thermo-reactive color that becomes transparent when in contact with heat, thus showing the printed blue lettering underneath. One is twice as happy to pick up and use this notebook. Other extraordinary effects for individual book projects can be found here.

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brandbook #122 A Cover that Changes its color