brandbook #086 Useful Notebook Extras

Form and Function: Useful Notebook Extras

brandbook book types, pen-book, pen on book, extras on book, business card compartment, brochure, thread stitching or adhesive binding, flexible cover with pen punch, DIN A6 or DIN A5, pen with logo

Notebooks shouldn’t only look good but should also be functional. What's the use of having a beautiful book when there is nothing at hand to write with? We have developed this notebook for those who like to misplace their writing utensils. Particularly for conferences, seminars, conventions or symposiums your pen is always within reach, even after hours of lectures and meetings it doesn't leave your side. Further useful things you can attach to your book: magnet fastening, elastic band or an integrated extra compartment – the best way for keeping ideas and business cards safe.

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brandbook #086 Useful Notebook Extras