brandbook #159 Hollywood in the Bag

Hollywood in the Bag: The Renaissance of the Flip Book

Illustration, nuuna Cloud Book, flip through, playful advertising idea, analogue, books with an idea, individual paging, Flip-book, phase images, notebook idea

Flip book, flicker book, a cinema in your pocket: in order to create the illusion of a complete movement with the use of single static images, you don’t need a screen nor a camera. The cinematographic effect works with the simplest means, just by “flipping” through a block of paper. No matter if it’s a casual joke, a witty advertising device or high art, the flip book is exactly the right thing for paper fetishists: you have to touch in order for the story to unfold. As a tiny element at the corners, it is the perfect design for the everyday playful instinct.

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brandbook #159 Hollywood in the Bag