brandbook #139 Hot foil debossing

Hot foil debossing

Creating Highlights, Stationery Collection, deboss and refine finest papers, sophisticated details on the book, metallic effects, individual pattern, silver coloured edges, classic DIN A5 size, useful customer gift

As real material experts we had the privilege of producing the stationary collection of Marius Fahrner. Covered in premium Fedrigoni paper – just the right fit for the paper affinity of the Hamburg-based designer. The loving details of the books along with the logo that was brought to the cover with a glossy hot foil debossing are also reflected in the contents, such as the front and endpapers. As a rule: silver accents, by debossing or color edges, guarantee an especially premium look – a theory that the Deutsche Bank also confirms.

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brandbook #139 Hot foil debossing