Innovative Book Aesthetic: The Great Illusion

Designer notebook, new design, innovative cover materials, Fluid Chrome, material database, innovative book design

We commit ourselves to rethinking a traditional medium. This can also mean creating books that don’t even look like books. The book block of these nuuna Graphic L editions is more similar to glass than to paper with its smooth, reflecting laser color edging. Its iridescent surface shines in different colors, depending on its surroundings, angles and lighting – a vibrant iridescent effect that changes between color, silver and transparent. The uniqueness of these notebooks lies in the contrast of different material properties. The floating appearance of the color edging, the ephemeral play with light and color, is strongly contrasted by its strikingly textured cover material. With its slightly structural surface in slate und basalt, the natural jeans label material looks similar to a stone block. Its object-like materiality is what makes this notebook stand out: an oscillating between transparent and matte, ephemeral and massive, simple and eccentric gives these note books their unusual aesthetic.

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brandbook #016 The Great Illusion