brandbook #171 Inspiration is here!

Inspiration is here! Who says that notebooks should always be blank?

nuuna by brandbook, No blank pages!, Cloud memory, Get into the mood, horror vacui, against the fear of the white paper, Just go with the flow!
Almost everyone knows the feeling: the fear of blank paper, of an empty mind, the lack of new ideas. For our label nuuna, we have developed a notebook series against this well-known horror vacui. No page has been left blank in Inspiration Books.

Each offers a basic form of stimulation: the Cloud is full of clouds, while the mood conveys atmospheric colour landscapes. In Pure one can draw on random everyday structures and the Bloom book block consists of ten fashionable colours. The No-Blank-Pages concept also functions in the corporate field. Should they themselves be suffering from a critical lack of ideas, they would simply contact us.