brandbook #147 How Books Became Design Objects

It’s All About the Surface: How Books Became Design Objects

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Exceptional materials, loud colors and modern design – Swatch stands for state of the art trends. The same goes for the notebook edition that we produced for the Swiss watch experts. The particulars: The flexcover is made of artificial leather with metallic effect in loud antique pink, blue and orange. This material is normally used in the fashion industry, thanks to meticulous refinement with our bookbinder, we were able to transfer this contemporary fashion look to this stylish notebook. This notebook edition was first introduced at the Venice Biennale in 2015. With the motto, Swatch Faces 2015, the Swiss watchmaker was the main partner of this renowned art event represented in two pavilions. Our notebook was given out as a press giveaway with an integrated web key: a bold combination of extravagant accessory and analogue conveyor of ideas including a digital tool.

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brandbook #147 How Books Became Design Objects