brandbook #179 The recipe diary

Leather notebook for Campari & Co: The recipe diary

Campari, pleasure, real leather notebook, blind embossing, drinking culture, cream-coloured paper, recipe book, diary, fancy drinks, leather fastener, special book extras
This appealing notebook is an ode to an exquisite drinking culture - and to all the stimulating stories that take place with the perfect drink in one’s hand. When one gets right down to it, in which legendary story does still water play the leading role? The cream-coloured interior pages made of high-quality natural paper present perfected recipes in detail. Here the bitter classics of Campari, Averna or Aperol meet smoky agave schnapps, fresh rosemary or flambéed cinnamon.

For every drink there is a fictitious diary entry, which makes you want to pop into your favourite bar around the corner. From the outside, the stylish genuine leather cover, with deep blind embossing, feels wonderfully soft and can be closed with the nifty integrated leather strap. This is an exceptional notebook for people who really enjoy the finer things.