brandbook #052 Letterpress
brandbook #052 Letterpress

Letterpress: Iron Beasts produce Great Beauty

letterpress, printing, Gmund cotton, cotton paper, typo Berlin, notebook edition, brand book collaboration, cover illustration, open thread-stitch, Letterjazz, Metapaper, ministry of silly ideas

Few people can resist the beauty of the deep embossing of letterpress typography and illustration work. Printing with colors and embossing at the same time creates an aesthetic that is still relatively young, even though it is realized with machines that are centuries old. The letterpress technique is purely mechanical and besides substantial pressure, it requires the right paper. The paper has to be especially voluminous, such as pure cotton 710 g/m² from Metapaper.

The notebooks that we produced in collaboration with Metapaper and Letterjazz for the Typo Berlin, shows: that both nostalgic emblem motifs as well as reduced, modern designs can be a successfully printing technique. It is perfect for everyone anyone that really loves analogue.