My life in One Book: 3-in-1 Premium Journal

copper embossing, 3-in-1 folder, book binder clip, fold-back clip, colored fine paper, 3 themes in one notebook, brandbook book types

For the masters of structure and those that want to put an end to clutter: this 3-in-1 Journal with classical book binder-clip and fine paper in three different colors is exactly the right way to get organized and to keep an overview of everything. With such a convincing book concept it is no wonder that the Espandrillas Experte Lika Mimika uses the zig-zag edition as a model and, with a large-format copper embossing, made it their own. And best of all: for this notebook edition, we could use an already existing book type for our Brandbook editions, so the production was quicker than usual.

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