brandbook #125 Notebooks as a Subscribtion Reward

Notebooks as a Subscribtion Reward: Reading and Writing

Analogue vs. Digital, coloured instead of black, Hardcover, A5 size, notebook-collection, Thermo-sensitive artificial leather, logo-debossing, motif print, individual front- and endleaf paper

The current sales figures prove: print is central to our lives despite live reports and blogs as news and communication mediums. A high-quality, voluminous bound notebook with patina capability and the finest Munken Pure paper is really just the right giveaway for all those that remain loyal to good old paper. With classically refined blind debossing, it is – dependable, has a confident style and commands respect. A further example of a perfect subscription incentive: the notebook we produced for the NZZ.

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brandbook #125 Notebooks as a Subscribtion Reward