brandbook #051 More Beautiful than any Image Brochure

Notebooks for a Luxury Hotel: More Beautiful than any Image Brochure

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The Cervo in Zermatt does not rely solely on the appeal of the Matterhorn that can be viewed from the terrace in its entire splendor. This Swiss luxury hotel is really something special: ultimately, every detail of the family-run business, whether in service, dining, furnishings or design aims at offering the guests an enjoyable, intimate atmosphere.

This philosophy also epitomizes the series of image notebooks. We were pleased to produce this Brandbookbrandbook. Consistent with the rustic, noble look, the following features were chosen; : an elegant, slim special format, a cover made of untreated bonded leather, high-quality blind embossing and a lavish photo spread on the inside. The unique atmosphere of the hotel can be recreated with a dreamy sigh even back home in your daily routine.

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brandbook #051 More Beautiful than any Image Brochure